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with Native French miss Valerie

Short Natural Dialogues to Boost Your Confidence & Improve Your Spoken French

Parallel Lines
Coffee and Book

Reading French is fundamental to improving your speaking ability.

Real French people don’t speak like your textbook… so it’s no wonder you feel unprepared when it’s your turn to speak! 

My French Story Master Class fixes that. You will learn to speak French in the REAL world, with 101 authentic conversations in simple, spoken French, so you can become confident in the words, phrases, and expressions you need to communicate like a local.

3 biggest benefits: 


  • Reading will substantially (and quickly) widen your vocabulary. 


  • It will help you more easily absorb grammar and sentence structure.


  • It helps foster your understanding of French culture, politics, and humor 

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Improve your spoken French from Home with Miss Valerie

For Beginner & Intermediate

  • Unique & Fast Way to Speak French

  • Dialogue-based Mystery Story set in PARIS,                    about the robbery of Monet's Drawings

Meet online once a week
for 1 hour for 2 months 

  • Here is Seta with Miss Valerie

  • YOU WILL LOVE IT TOO!               Like Lynn, Kieron, Seta, and more   students that are taking this class. 

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Mapped to A2-B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference

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